Our School Values

These are our key values which underpin everything we do:







Educational Aims

Working within 'A Curriculum for Excellence', we strive to provide the highest quality of teaching and learning. We try to ensure that all our children attain and achieve their full potential and acquire a full range of skills and abilities.

We aim for our pupils to become:

Successful Learners

We will aim to provide the highest quality of teaching, providing all with opportunities to develop their talents and achieve their full potential.

Confident Individuals

We want our children to be ambitious for themselves and their schools and parish communities.

Responsible Citizens

We want our children to have respect for themselves and others. We aim to foster a positive attitude towards our own Scottish culture and to explore the culture of other countries and faiths.

Effective Contributors

We will aim to provide opportunities for all our children to be enterprising, resilient, and independent and also be able to work as part of a team. We aim to provide a happy, vibrant, caring environment where everyone in the All Saints community has an important role to play.

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