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Our Parents’ Afternoon – September 2016

Our Parents’ Afternoon – September 2016

This year we will enrol in the Pope Francis Faith award. This will help us grow in our faith and show how we can help in our school and parish to promote our faith.

Welcome to our class. Miss Simpson is our class teacher and Mrs Devenney shows us exciting things to do in Science and PE. Mr McGrath will also help to support us with our class work.

All classes will continue to incorporate Spanish into their daily learning in line with the Modern Languages 1+2 approach.  

Our Parents’ Afternoon – September 2016

We invited our parents/guardians into our classroom for the afternoon to inform them of all the things we have started to learn about in P6. We worked in our cooperative learning groups to choose what we wanted to tell parents about then we combined our skills, knowledge and talents to prepare a short presentation along with a learning activity for our parents to participate in. Miss Simpson was on hand to provide a few hints and tips but the afternoon was mainly organised by us. We presented to our parents/guardians about our novel study Stig of the Dump, taught them Spanish and how to do cursive handwriting, showed them how we compliment our Paths Pupil of the Day and worked together to fill in our Learning Logs.

Here is what some parents/guardians had to say about their visit:

“I thoroughly enjoyed today and would like to see more of this happening. Kids were great and very confident today. Well done class!”

“I have found today very enjoyable working in partnership with the children, finding out how their daily schooling goes. I would definitely like to see more days like this. Thank you to all the class!”

“Really had a good afternoon. Would like to come along again. Kids were great.”

“Presentation was very good from the Primary 6 class. Think it’s very good that they learn Spanish and thought the Pupil of the Day is a very nice touch.”

“The visit today was great and I would like to see more of what my daughter is learning. The Pupil of the Day was the best part as this will give the children more confidence.”

“EXCELLENT INFORMATIVE AFTERNOON” – All children did extremely well in organising today.”

“Was brilliant watching the children and finding out what they are learning. Would love to see more.”

“Really enjoyed the day. Hope to see more events like this throughout the year. Think that it is a great idea to get parents involved in children’s learning.”

Outdoor Learning – September 2016

We are having great fun taking part in Outdoor Learning activities which so far have taken place in our own school grounds! This enables us to combine our learning across the curriculum (e.g. P.E, Maths, Science, Technologies, Health & Wellbeing…) into one activity and gives us real life experience of using our skills and knowledge. As you can see from our photos, we have discovered a varied range of plants, trees and some wildlife in our All Saints forest and we have had a great time doing so!

Reciprocal Reading

Throughout the year we have been taking part in group learning sessions which help us to develop our reading skills. Reciprocal Reading focusses on our predicting, questioning, clarifying and summarising skills. We work in groups of 4 and each have a different role to carry out within our groups each time e.g. group leader, reader, writer, resource manager. We look at sections of text from a variety of sources such as our novel study, newspapers, instructions etc. and work together to carry out learning tasks which will improve our skills.

Trip to Kelvingrove Museum

The first section of our Learning to achieve the Pope Francis Faith Award focussed on the Holy Spirit’s gift of Knowledge. To help develop this gift we visited Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery to learn more about the history of our planet. We enjoyed finding out about Ancient Egyptians, life in Scotland many years ago, dinosaurs and the evolution of animals. We also enjoyed looking at lots of different types of art whilst there and took part in a smartphone scavenger hunt which took us all the way around the museum!


Both P6 classes took part in rugby training down at Lady Octavia Sports Centre. It was very cold outside on the pitch but we soon warmed up! We had great fun learning to tackle each other and there were no injuries! We look forward to getting some more rugby training later on in the year.

Internet Safety Workshop – March 2017

A volunteer who works on behalf of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) who is in partnership with British Telecom (BT) to promote strategies for keeping safe online to both pupils and parents. The workshop involved a presentation about the risks of using the internet and strategies to keep safe, a video highlighting some of the things children currently do online which might put them at risk and opportunities for group discussions and activities to share opinions and tips regarding internet safety. Here’s what some parents had to say about the event:

“I feel that this afternoon’s input was very informative and it helped my son understand more about the pros and cons of the internet.”

“Really informative, I learned that there are a lot of things that we still need to know about online safety.”

“I thought the internet safety session was excellent. It gave the children and parents vital internet safety information and showed us what sites are moderated and unmoderated. It also taught us as parents what steps we can take to safeguard our children buy using age and content locks.”

“It was very interesting to see other children’s views and how they see the internet and its purpose. It’s great to see someone come into the school and explain to the children the dangers of the internet and how to stay safe while allowing them to have fun. Some children may not have been told from their parents so it’s good for the school to bring this in.”

“It was fun, we both learned a lot about internet safety.”

“The workshop was helpful and makes you aware of things.”

“I enjoyed the internet safety workshop, it opened my eyes to a lot of stuff that does happen on the internet and what I can look out for when my kids are online.”

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