Travelling to school

All Saints Primary has a school travel plan. Copies of this are issued to all our families and it clearly outlines the safest routes to school.


In order to prevent congestion, we encourage the use of our Park and Stride area. This is very useful for allowing everyone to walk at least part of the way to school.

Entry to the school car-park is strictly prohibited except in emergencies.

Double parking and parking within the no-go areas, is also prohibited.


We have  School Crossing Patrollers based at the junctions of Kilmacolm Road and Blairmore Road to assist our pupils in crossing the roads safely.

Two of our senior pupils have recently received training to act as Junior Road Safety Officers and, with adult support, they will promote walking to school and safe travel.


P7s who passed their Cycling Proficiency test last year will be able to ride their bikes to school safely and can leave their bikes in the bike shed situated at the side of the school car-park. Pupils must remember to adhere to the rules of the road and drivers are asked to be courteous to any cyclists they might encounter on the road.

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