House Points in All Saints Primary

We had great fun outside

We had great fun outside

The whole school has been divided into 4 houses - Balmoral Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Newark Castle and Stirling Castle - with each house having pupils from P1-7.  The pupils chose the house names with the final vote coming from the Pupil Council.  The children are awarded points by staff members and are counted each week and an update given during our Friday assembly.  The first winner was Edinburgh. 

The prize for the winning house is  a fun afternoon in the gym hall and the house colours tied to the trophy Red for Balmoral, Yellow for Edinburgh, Blue for Newark and Green for Stirling. 

How can I get House Points?

  1. Be part of the winning group in class

  2. Be the Pupil of the Week at Assembly

  3. Be in the best line in the playground all week

  4. Try very hard in class to improve my work

  5. Have the best manners

  6. Represent the school at an event or sport

  7. Have my work displayed on the Head Teachers’ Wonderwall


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