Green Charter

Green FlagAll Saints Eco-Committee worked hard this year to try and obtain Green Flag status - and we did! We have been looking at three main areas - litter, recycling and biodiversity. The Eco-committee has organised 'Bin Bandits' to help the janitors keep our school grounds litter free - a huge task with such a large playground.

They also organised a rota of children to help recycle waste from the canteen during 'Waste Week'. This was very successful and we plan to keep this going throughout the year. They have raised awareness of paper and plastic recycling and are keen to find new ways to reduce or reuse waste.

Lots of children have been involved in projects throughout the year. Primary 5 took part in the 'Clyde in the Classroom' project. This was a lot of hard work looking after trout from tiny eggs to small fish. Around eight fish were released in the Auchmountain Burn, where hopefully they will grow and make their way to the Clyde. Well done P5!

P1b have been studying the life cycle of butterflies and successfully released some painted Lady butterflies into the school gardens. We have also place insect houses round the grounds to encourage other insects into our nature trail and school gardens.

Other classes have been involved in planting herbs and vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and herbs.

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