Egg Watch

Day 1 - Our visitors have arrived

Day 1 - Our visitors have arrived

Welcome everyone!! 

Here you will find daily news from Primary 7B's new furry friends.

Day 1

David from the 'Living Eggs' Project arrived on Monday afternoon with our eggs.  David brought us a Brooder Box and an incubator. The incubator is where the eggs will stay until they hatch. David also brought us a box of seeds for the chicks when they hatch.  David has given us a set of special instructions to follow inorder to be the best carers for our chicks.  We have to keep the temperature of the incubator set to 37.7 C and we must try hard not to move the incubator too much. The air within the incubator must be humid becuase that allows the chicks to break out of their eggs much easier. The Brooder Box has a light bulb which is used to create some heat for the chicks.  We enjoyed entertaining some visitors who came to see our new eggs. 

Day 2

Sadly, there were no new developments with our eggs on Day 2 of Egg Watch. We are still watching and waiting with great excitement.

Day 3

What a day we've had here in Primary 7B!  This morning we made some interesting discoveries. We found some small cracks on four of our eggs.  We also managed to spot some of the eggs moving slighty.  However....during lunchtime...we had some serious action !!!!  We are proud to say that the first of our chicks has seen the light of day.  We were all so amazed and excited,sorry 'eggcited', as we gathered around the incubator to say hello.  Many visitors stopped by to see our new friend including some children from Blairmore Nursery as well Mrs McAvoy and Mrs Kennedy.  We can't wait for his new brothers and sisters to awake from their slumber.  Who knows what Day 4 will bring?

Day 4

Today we were very eggcited as we walked into class to find six new arrivals!  There were four new male chicks and two female ones.  We are still waiting and hoping for three more to hatch. At the moment two of them are beginning to hatch and one is still not showing any signs of hatching, but we are not losing hope!  Other classes have been popping in and out all day to have a wee look at the chicks.  P7B has become a very popular class indeed!  The male chicks are the yellow ones and the brown chicks are female.  We hope to get 10 out of 10 and that they all have a long and happy life.

Day 5

Today our oldest chicks were carefully moved into the brooder box, while our newest arrivals remained in the incubator. Sadly, P7B were out on a trip to Notre Dame today, however our furry friends were looked after by other classes around the school.  Our chicks are also in for a cracking weekend as they get to stay with Miss McGachy until Monday.

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